When staying in an On-Ice Bungalow; it means that you will actually be staying on the ice, 24 hours a day. 

We have equipped our Bungalows with all the essential items you require to make your fishing getaway as comfortable and convenient as possible.


  • Direct-vent Propane heated interior.( No combustion fumes enter the building.)
  • Interior 12v LED Lights. These are powered from a 12v battery charge via solar panel.
  • Interior Propane lights.
  • Bunk Beds & Mattresses.
  • Table & Chairs.
  • 20” propane range with 4 burners and Oven
  • Pots & Pans with Utensils, Stovetop Coffee Percolator and Kettle.
  • Plates, Bowls, Cups, Glasses and Cutlery.
  • Dish cloth Tea Towels, Dish Soap & Drying Rack.
  • BBQ & BBQ Utensils.
  • Garbage Bins & Recycling Bins.
  • Day Hut ( 8’ by 8’ ), with Independent Heat.
  • Outhouse with Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer.
  • Fishing Lines, Ice Scoop and Drilled Holes.
  • Propane Fryers are available for your On -Ice Fish Fry.
  • Transportation to and from Bungalow. This is done by Snowmobile and Sleigh.

Suggested Items to bring

  • Sleeping bag & your favourite pillow.
  • Food. ( Maybe bring prepared meals as well. Lasagna seems a longstanding favourite.
  • Some of your favourite spices & recipes. (The bungalow has salt & pepper)
  • Beverages. (Remember to bring drinking water as well.) Just a vague guideline. Cans and plastic bottles take less space and are lighter to transport, with less risk of damage.
  • Filet Knife, favourite fishing gear and importantly, a Fishing License.
  • Camera - Nothing conjures up memories like a great photograph! 
  • BAIT.
  • Toiletries.
  • Flashlight. It gets dark early in Winter. Temagami Dark!!
  • Appropriate clothing, according to your activities.
  • Radio.
  • Clear plastic wrap/bags, to wrap your catch in.

Knowledge of fishing regulations, what is in season and limits.

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