We offer a wide variety of watercraft for rent. For these, all required safety equipment are provided. Including standard sized lifejackets. Cruise our endless bays and inlets. Spend some time on sandy beaches. Maybe stop and explore a different portage every day and see what is at the end of the trail. Grab some blueberries along the way to include with that unforgettable shore lunch.

All motorized boats are aluminum v-hull or pontoon, with late model electric start motors and fish finders. Electric trolling motors are also available, or included; for all boats.
The electric trolling motors are a very good addition for fishing, but is offered as optional for some boats to keep rental cost down, for those who do not require the additional equipment.
Please see our 'Rates' Page for more details.

Boat options starts at 14’ boats; with 15hp tiller motors.
Then comes 18’ Wide Body boats; with a 50hp tiller motor.
Next are the 16' Side Console boats, with 40hp outboards.
For those who take their relaxing and fishing more serious..., Try the 20’ Pontoon Boat; with 25hp motor.
For complete descriptions and photos, please see our 'Accommodations & Boats' page.

Make a day of it. Pack the goods for a shore lunch to make the exploring even better. No matter the combination, just do not forget to take your camera  Also remember that on Temagami, no matter what the book says; Loons always have the right of way.


Temagami offers one of the most extensive networks of canoe routes in the world.. Not boasting, just saying. This network is based on original first nations and fur trading routes. These are called canoe routes, but kayaks are also a fantastic option. Seeing all of Temagami from a paddling point of view; really gives you the true perspective of just how small we really are.  Again, swerve for Loons and share the photos..., we know you will take lots.
Please be extremely careful with fires and pack out what you pack in. Keep nature the way it should be. After-all; it is the only one we have.

Old Growth Trails for Summer and Winter

Temagami really has only two seasons; Summer and Winter. Or if you prefer; Open Water and Hard Water.
Be your preference Hiking, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Snowmobiling; we have trails waiting for you.

Temagami offers a very extensive and varied trail network for all levels of activity. First to explore would be the Temagami Island Old Growth Trails. For two reasons; it is worth it and it is right on your doorstep.

Located on Temagami Island, these trails allows you to spend hours walking among 250-300 year old White and Red Pines.

The South half of Temagami Island offer trails that can be accessed for Hiking, Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing. During the Summer a good portion of these can even be taken on with a rough terrain baby stroller.
The remainder offers wide bush trails that do not require climbing. There are a few good sized hills though. Excellent Lake Views, Old Growth and Nature Scenery, including the site of an abandoned copper mine, in the process of being reclaimed by nature.

The North half of Temagami Island also have an extensive trail network suited to Hiking, Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing. Here the trails is best taken on with good footwear. The trail rating does not go beyond moderate.
However, it is bush trails that does not displace nature, but rater attempt to incorporate it. Most trails are routed around deadfall or cleared to make skiing more convenient. A few spots do involve ducking under limbs and stepping over fallen trees. Nature put them there and we try to leave them there, as much as possible.

We can advice as to which trails are best suited for you activities and can also provide trail maps. Maps and advice comes at the steep price of having to share some of the photos you are going to take. Numerous other trails are also available.
Maple Mountain, Ishpatina Ridge, Obabika, White Bear, High Rock and more. An often overlooked option for hiking are a multitude of portage routes from the main lake to neighboring lakes.


Whether it be trolling the deep waters in the summer for lake trout, or ice- fishing in the middle of winter; Lake Temagami and Blue Haven is what what you want. Trophy Lake Trout, Bass, Whitefish, Pickerel, and Pike are abundant. To be more adventurous, head for one of the many outlying lakes for Speckles.

Temagami is the hidden paradise for Smallmouth Bass. Our varying shorelines, lake structure and endless islands provide bass habitat that will have you fishing new structure for many years to come. Do not forget those, always hungry, Pike and Pickerel.
Take some time out for a shore lunch cooked over an open fire at the waters edge. It is a memory that will last a lifetime and keep you coming back year after year.

Winter is a time to fish and explore. 
For a unique experience, there are On-Ice Bungalows. You get fully equipped buildings, where you live out on the ice. You can even fish from the comfort of your bed!

In the mood for exploring ? Bring your snow machine and fish a different lake every day. Choose your lake; Pike, Pickerel or Speckle. Maintained portages will take you to pristine outlying lakes for a day of hiking, sightseeing and fishing.

These lakes also offers the photographer, yet another exceptional opportunity. During Summer, Boats and Motors are available on some of these lakes.

Photography & Scenery


We have a lot of lot space and very few tracks in the snow. With good nearby access to Ontario’s extensive trail network; we are the place to stop and explore. Endless lakes and even more portage trails connecting to even more ice and snow.

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