We offer a variety of rental boat types. For this reason, there are specific equipment and features unique to specific boat classes.

Please see the ‘Boats’ Page for full descriptions of each boat class.


All required safety equipment is provided. In some cases, additional equipment is and can be provided as deemed applicable.

This Includes - Floating throw-rope with attached float.
                    - Flashlight.
                    - Whistle.
                    - Paddle/s.
                    -  Floatation devices. These are of standard size, to fit a chest size of 76-127cm (30”-50”) If you require a different size; it is your responsibility to supply.
                    - Boat Hook. Provided for all boat sizes, except the 14’ tiller boats.




Important Notice.




  • The included safety equipment, required and any additional; are for emergency use only. 
  • That means a laundry line, tubing rope or fish stringer is not provided with the boat.
  • Nor is a flashlight provided for reading that last chapter.
  • Whistles are not provided for amusement. Not even for use as a bear whistle while hiking.
  • Flotation devices are not provided as campsite seating. Nor for use in american gladiator re-enactments.
  • My apologies. I must find a better way to phrase the above; but safety always seems less important until you are in an actual emergency.
  • …., and yes. All the above and more, has happened.


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